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Future Ready

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The Future Ready initiative launched in November 2014 at the White House ConnectED to the Future Convening. District Superintendents that sign the Future Ready District Pledge commit to foster and lead a culture of digital learning in their district and to share what they have learned with other districts.

Commitment to Digital Learning

Future Ready District Pledge

Superintendents from districts across the country have signed the pledge, demonstrating their commitment to work collaboratively with key district stakeholders to set a vision for digital learning, to empower educators through personalized professional learning, and to mentor other district leaders in their own transition to digital learning.

White House ConnectED to the Future Convening

On Wednesday, November 19 2014, former President Obama welcomed over 100 district superintendents to the East Room for the “ConnectED to the Future” convening, launching an effort to assist school leaders in their transition to digital learning.

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