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Higher Education

The Office of Educational Technology believes that the technologies available today provide us an opportunity to create a system of higher education that provides excellent education and ensures even greater equity for our students tomorrow.

The Higher Education Challenge

Reimagining the Higher Education Ecosystem #edu2030

The learning ecosystem of the future:
How might we empower people to design their own learning journeys so they can lead purposeful and economically stable lives?

The #edu2030 Ecosystem Challenge sought bold ideas for how our postsecondary education system could be reimagined to foster equity and encourage learner agency and resilience. Over the two months that the challenge was open for submissions, 164 teams submitted imaginative and thoughtful visions of the future. These examined aspects of the landscape ranging from the ever-growing and ever-changing role of institutions and the emergence of technology-supported learning experiences, to the economic mechanisms that will enable us to fill the increasing demand for a skilled workforce and ultimately to provide individual learners the tools and support they need for a lifetime of learning.

We are pleased to announce the 10 winning teams of the Reimagining the Higher Education Ecosystem Challenge. These winners will each receive a customized set of support from the Department and its partners in the public and private sectors that we hope will enable them to launch these pilot programs and further develop their visions.

Reimagining the Role of Technology in Higher Education

Higher Education Innovation

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