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Artificial Intelligence

The Office of Educational Technology is working to develop policies and supports focused on the effective, safe, and fair use of AI-enabled educational technology.

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and related technologies will have powerful impacts on learning not only through direct supports for students, but also by empowering educators to be more adaptive to learner needs and less consumed by routine, repetitive tasks. There is little question that we need innovative approaches in education and that AI will be a major new capability that allows innovation. Simply put, we will be able to do things that we have never done before!

However, there are also great risks. AI algorithms can be biased. Decisions about what or how a student should learn may be unfair. The algorithms driving AI systems may remain mysterious and invisible, making parents and educators apprehensive about letting their learners use the technology. The new applications of AI promise wonderful benefits, but with little accountability for better teaching, learning and assessment outcomes, educators may invest in educational snake oil.

Blog Posts

AI and the Future of Teaching and Learning: Defining Artificial Intelligence

In this first of a series of six blog posts, we define AI in three ways, shifting from a view of AI as human-like toward a view of AI that keeps humans in the decision cycle.


AI and the Future of Teaching and Learning: New Interactions, New Choices

The first blog post discussed how artificial intelligence (AI) will lead to educational technology products with more independent agency.


AI and the Future of Teaching and Learning: Product Roadmaps and the Path to…

Use of artificial intelligence systems in school technology is presently light, allowing time for policy to have an impact on safety, equity, and effectiveness.


AI and the Future of Teaching and Learning: Engaging Educators

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems for learning environments have traditionally been designed to help students, however new AI systems are being designed to assist or…


Listening Sessions

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology, with support from Digital Promise, held listening sessions about Artificial Intelligence (AI). We connected with all constituents involved in making decisions about technology in education, including but not limited to teachers, educational leaders, students, parents, technologists, researchers, and policy makers.

The goal of these listening sessions were to gather input, ideas, and engage in conversations that will help the Department shape a vision for AI policy that is inclusive of cutting-edge research and practices while also informed by the opportunities and risks.