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Technology can be a powerful tool for transforming learning. It can help affirm and advance relationships between educators and students, reinvent our approaches to learning and collaboration, shrink long-standing equity and accessibility gaps, and adapt learning experiences to meet the needs of all learners.

The Office of Educational Technology focuses on using technology to transform learning experiences with the goal of providing greater equity and accessibility.

Reimagining the Role of Technology in Education

National Education Technology Plan (NETP)

The NETP is the flagship educational technology policy document for the United States. The plan articulates a vision of equity, active use, and collaborative leadership to make everywhere, all-the-time learning possible.

Equal Access to Educational Resources

Office of Civil Rights Dear Colleague Letter: Resource Equity

This letter calls attention to disparities that persist in access to educational resources so that districts may address disparities and comply with the legal obligation to provide students with equal access to these resources without regard to race, color, or national origin.

Future Ready: Device Deployment from a Position of Equity

Story Video

Superintendent Steven Webb explains how giving voice and transforming outcomes for all students is top priority in his district. Vancouver Public Schools deploy devices with equity in mind.

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Developing for Impact

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Building Robust Infrastructure as a Tool for Equity

At its most basic level, technological infrastructure means having the wires, switches, and access points necessary to get broadband

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