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White House Student Film Festival

In November of 2013, the White House asked students around the country to create short films describing the role that technology plays in their classrooms, why technology is so important, and how it will change the educational experience in the future.

Students responded to the White House’s challenge with a deluge of over 2,500 official video entries that told incredible stories of how technology affects every aspect of their educational journies, whether in the classroom or their own backyards.

In February, the White House and the American Film Institute hosted dozens of young filmmakers to the first-ever White House Film Festival, where the 16 official video selections were presented. Special guests included Kal Penn, Bill Nye, and Neil deGrasse Tyson, along with Conan O’Brien who addressed the students by video.

The film festival’s official selections, as well as the videos that received honorable mentions, are below for your viewing pleasure: