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State : California

Level : P-12

Related Tags : Digital Equity

Digital Equity Champions for All Learners: School2Home Helps California Schools Strategize for Home Broadband Access and Effective Technology Use

Founded in 2009 by the California Emerging Technology Fund, School2Home provides financial support and technical assistance to partner schools, building their capacity to improve student outcomes through the effective use of technology and establish a sustainable digital learning culture. They currently work with 12 districts throughout California to integrate technology into teaching, learning, and parent engagement, including implementing affordable home internet access.

Agustin Urgiles, Executive Manager of School2Home, attended the U.S. Department of Education’s National Digital Equity Summit in September 2022. In a video interview, we asked him, “How are you and your organization working across sectors to advance digital equity for learners, families, and communities?”

Urgiles replied, “[We have] an opportunity to…make sure that low-income Californians are able to enroll in programs like the [Affordable Connectivity Program].” Urgiles reflected on the need for collaboration between community-based organizations and government leaders to develop a shared vision for digital equity and support families, including helping them understand the benefits of ACP enrollment. “Our School2Home initiative has taught us a lot about the need to have technology access be coupled with…resources and support…to make sure that teachers, parents, students, [and] administrators know how to use technology.”

We also asked Urgiles, “How will you continue building on this commitment to digital equity?”

“Our schools are going to have to do a lot of work to address the gaps that have gotten even wider,” Urgiles responded. School2Home will continue to support schools with guidance on how to utilize newly-invested devices and internet to improve student academic outcomes.