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The Office of Educational Technology is committed to capturing and sharing innovative practices, ideas, and stories in education. Through the Elevate initiative, we invite educators, parents/ caregivers, and students to share their experiences.

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1.  What have you learned about the power and potential of educators? The effort it has taken to keep kids learning over the last few years is nothing short of historic. Educators across the entire school system, in-classroom teachers, counselors, coaches, nurses, etc., have taken on new roles to champion the continuity of learning. What new roles have emerged? What have these monumental efforts taught us about the power and potential of educators? And how can we ensure that these efforts are supported and celebrated?

2. What innovations have schools or parents/caregivers implemented to improve education? The events of the last few years forced schools, communities and households to become innovative, creative, and agile. How have you responded to the needs of students, educators and families and what are some of the practices – systemic, technological, social, or otherwise – that will continue to serve educators and learners for generations to come?

3. How do students learn best? Schools, educators, and parents/caregivers are exploring new pedagogy to cater to students’ varied learning needs. Share your takeaways, stories, and ideas on how to improve instruction so that every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

4. How can schools advance equity? The past couple years have been incredibly challenging, especially their effect on those groups already underserved. What can we do to make sure education serves every student equitably, starting with our most marginalized communities?


The Elevate Submission Opportunity will open Fall 2022. Check back here for more details.


For more information, email: with “OET Elevate” in the Subject Line

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