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The ConnectED initiative announced by the President in June 2013 aims to connect 99% of students across the country to broadband in 5 years. The initiative sets four clear goals to transition to digital learning:

Upgraded Connectivity: ConnectED will, within five years, connect 99
percent of America’s students to the digital age through next-generation broadband and
high-speed wireless in their schools and libraries.

President Obama talks with students at Mooresville Middle School, Mooresville, N.C.

President Obama talks with students at Mooresville Middle School, Mooresville, N.C.

Empowered Teachers: ConnectED invests in improving the skills of
teachers, ensuring that every educator in America receives support and training to use
technology to help improve student outcomes. The Department of Education will work
with states and school districts to better use existing funding through the Elementary
and Secondary Education Act to strategically invest in this kind of professional
development to help teachers keep pace with changing technological and professional

Build on Private-Sector Innovation: These investments will allow our teachers and
students to take full advantage of feature-rich educational devices that are increasingly
price-competitive with basic textbooks and high-quality educational software (including
applications) providing content aligned with college- and career-ready standards being
adopted and implemented by States across America.

Public-Private Partnerships
“For us to be as effective and efficient as we want to be, we need great public-private partnerships. There’s a huge opportunity for the private sector to step up. We want to make sure every child–whether it’s in the inner-city, whether it’s in a rural community, or a remote community, or a Native American reservation–that they have access to knowledge and the chance to learn 24/7. The idea that [a child] could just sit in [her] desk, 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, 9 months a year to learn? That simply doesn’t make sense anymore.”
Secretary Duncan, June 6, 2013, aboard Air Force One.

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