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School : Anastasis Academy

District : Centennial

State : Colorado

Level : P-12

District Enrollment : Less than 1,000 students

Community Type : Suburban

Related Tags : strategic planning

UpGrade Assessments

Anastasis Academy is a small, independent pre-8th grade school in Centennial, Colorado working to become a model that will transform education. Anastasis’ ambition is to apprentice children in the art of learning through inquiry, creativity, critical thinking, discernment, and wisdom. They strive to provide an education model that honors and supports children as unique and creative individuals while shaping the whole-child.

The Challenge

Working diligently to shape the whole-child, they quickly found that current assessment structures didn’t do justice to the work students and teachers do everyday. Current assessment structures focused too much on only very specific academic lenses through which to view the child. A way to unleash every child’s genius and potential through assessment that helped them view themselves as a complete learner was needed. They needed assessment that told more of the story.

The Solution

Together as a staff, a list of attributes they wanted learners to leave their school with was created. These became the framework for the new assessment system. With a limited budget in mind, they created an assessment system using cloud based storage and spreadsheet programs. With much ingenuity and creativity, they redesigned the report card and with it, an assessment system that more accurately captures the whole-child. It is called UpGrade, because that is what it feels like…an upgrade to assessment.

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Kelly Tenkely