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Virginia Implements Statewide Collection of Student Home Broadband Access

Virginia Department of Education, VirginiaP-12

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Virginia needed a complete picture of student home access to devices and broadband. The state couldn’t apply resources to address the problem without an accurate understanding of student access. In 2022, Virginia passed legislation requiring every school district to s...

Topic: NETP24

A Bold Vision for Instruction Should Ignite the Move to 1:1

Goochland County Public Schools, VirginiaP-12

Goochland County Public Schools is a small, rural public school division in Virginia with around 2,400 students across 5 schools.They are positioned along the James River midway between Charlottesville to the west and Richmond to the east. Over the past two years significant investments have been ma...

Topics: 1:1 Initiative, personalized learning

Seven Pathways of Educational Environments

Albemarle County Public Schools, VirginiaP-12

The Albemarle County Public Schools District is a geographically large and socio-economically diverse district of almost 14,000 students and 1200 teachers in 26 schools surrounding Charlottesville, Virginia. It spans 726 square miles, from the Appalachian Trail to Virginia’s Piedmont plain, includ...

Topics: personalized learning, professional learning