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Digital Equity Champions for All Learners: Student Advocacy Addresses Digital Equity Barriers for Students with Disabilities

Ava Bullis, a student-advocate with Ava’s Voice. Ava has long light brown wavy hair and is wearing a black top and gold hoop earrings. She is looking at the camera smiling

New JerseyP-12

Ava’s Voice is dedicated to providing resources and support for families, students, and schools on Usher Syndrome, a genetic condition that is a leading cause of profound deaf-blindness. Because the syndrome results in a progressive impairment of hearing and vision, the educational needs of learne...

Topic: Digital Equity

Case Study: Availability through Partnerships with the Jersey City Housing Authority

hands typing on a mini keyboard

New JerseyP-12Postsecondary

The Jersey City Housing Authority (JCHA) in Jersey City, NJ, provides affordable housing for thousands of families, seniors, and people with disabilities. JCHA had been working with ISPs to ensure residents have affordable internet, especially given a 2019 resident survey found just a third of resid...

Topic: Digital Equity