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Leveraging Technology to Meet the Needs of All Learners

Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation, IndianaP-12

In 2023, to better meet the needs of their community, the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation (BCSC) in Indiana began its journey with UDL, a research-driven framework to improve and optimize teaching and learning by reducing barriers in instruction and addressing individual differences, lea...

Topic: NETP24

The Metropolitan School District of Warren Township: Personalizing Learning by Redefining Where and When Students Learn

Metropolitan School District of Warren Township, IndianaP-12

Serving over 12,000 students in Indiana, the Metropolitan School District of Warren Township’s mission is to prepare its students “to be self-directed learners who are literate, creative, curious, civic-minded citizens who do meaningful work in school and life beyond school.” As part of the U....

Topic: personalized learning

Warsaw Inquiry Learning Laboratory

Warsaw Community Schools, IndianaP-12

Warsaw Community Schools (WCS) is a rural school corporation of 7200 students located in northern Indiana. The school corporation has 52% free and reduced population, and a 20% English Language Learner population. Warsaw is known as the Orthopedic Manufacturing Capital of the World, the duck farming...

Topics: community engagement, equity