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Incorporating Hawaiian Values and Digital Citizenship into Computer Science Education

Hawaii Department of Education, HawaiiP-12

Hawai’i is a culturally unique state. To help ensure their educational system and content are culturally relevant and connected to Hawaiian values, the Hawai’i Department of Education (HI DOE) developed the Ha Framework, a state-wide framework to develop the skills, behaviors, and dispositions r...

Topic: NETP24

Digital Equity Champions for All Learners: Māpunawai Cultivates Digital Resilience Among Native Hawaiians

Alt Text: A group of program participants sitting around a table with laptops


Māpunawai is a nonprofit organization bridging the digital divide and building economic opportunities for Native Hawaiians by providing training, equipment, and mentorship. Māpunawai serves learners across all islands of Hawaii, including individuals in rural, lower-income parts of the state. Ka...

Topic: Digital Equity