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State Partnership Brings Assistive Technology Support to Oklahomans

The Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) has partnered with Oklahoma ABLE Tech, the state’s Assistive Technology (AT) Act program, to provide AT and information services for children. ABLE Tech provides training, technical assistance, information, and public awareness to help individuals with disabilities, their caregivers/families, service providers, and agencies learn about and improve AT service delivery for students with disabilities. ABLE Tech also provides AT demonstrations, short-term loans, re-utilized devices, and alternative financing options to help Oklahomans make informed decisions about AT devices and acquire needed AT for free or at a reduced cost. 

ABLE Tech helps local educational agencies increase skills, knowledge, and competencies related to AT laws, policies, procedures, and practices. They support the quality provision of AT devices and services for students with disabilities, helping them be more independent in the least restrictive environment and progress toward academic standards. ABLE Tech supports districts in implementing the Quality Indicators for AT (QIAT) Service Delivery in the Schools and the Quality Indicators for the Provision of AEM and Technology in the Schools. At the state level, ABLE Tech staff have provided expertise on multiple panels, councils, and committees in areas including assessment, data, MTSS, and procurement, resulting in the extension of AT services. 

Due to increased OSDE funding, AT demonstrations and short-term AT loans for educational purposes have increased over the past decade, supporting the assistive technology needs of thousands of Oklahomans, from infants to adults.