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South Carolina Instruction Hub Provides Statewide Access to Digital Learning Resources

Serving over 780,000 students in 75 Districts, the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) needed to address the problem of uneven distribution of learning resources across the state. The SCDE sought to create and provide each school equitable access to up-to-date digital courses and materials, so they partnered with a digital education content provider to develop a Learning Object Repository (LOR). A LOR is a searchable digital library of educational content (learning objects) where teachers, students, and administrators can store, search, access, and share various digital resources from any device and place. The SCDE uses the LOR, called the Instruction Hub, to manage resources and ingest new content for automated distribution to every school district in the state. Because the LOR utilizes industry-accepted data standards, it integrates with various Learning Management Systems used by South Carolina school systems. In addition to increasing the number of high-quality digital resources available to teachers, the LOR saves teachers valuable planning and preparation time. 

The Instruction Hub is implemented across 99% of the state’s schools. A robust meta-tagging system makes finding content by grade, subject, and keywords easy. Through Instruction Hub, educators can access licensed resources from several content providers and South Carolina Educational Television.