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Case Study: Flexible Supports for Learners and Educators with Digital Access in Roselle Public Schools

Roselle Public Schools is focused on “Every Student Everyday!” and meeting learners where they are by any means necessary to support learning in digital environments. Their ongoing 1:1 program offers 100 percent access to devices and internet for K-12 learners and provides flexible support for both learners and educators.

For example, Roselle Public Schools wanted to provide on-demand academic support beyond the traditional school day. To meet this goal, they began utilizing PAPER. This online platform provides learners with 24-hour access to homework help, tutoring, writing feedback, and study support from certified teachers on-demand, synchronously, and in multiple languages. Since it was launched in the middle of the 2021-2022 school year, the district has seen large usage of PAPER tutoring to support learners beyond the traditional school day, removing the time- and space-related barriers to assistance that existed previously.

For educators, one form of flexible support is flexible professional learning opportunities, known as the Professional Development Menu (PDM). Through the PDM, educators can receive professional learning opportunities on demand, with an emphasis on using a variety of technology tools more seamlessly within classrooms and building a digital archive of best practices from across the district. The PDM provides an alternative to traditional professional learning models and allows teachers the flexibility to tailor their own professional learning experiences, actualize their individual pathways for learning, and strengthen their pedagogy.