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Painting a Statewide Portrait of a Graduate in Nevada

Not often is there the opportunity to read the story of the creation of a portrait. The Nevada Department of Education (NDE) has provided one by making public and transparent the process by which the state is crafting its “Portrait of a Nevada Learner.” Begun in October 2022 and drawing on work in Virginia, South Carolina, Utah, and New Mexico, Nevada’s process serves as an example of ensuring input from as diverse and representative a sample of constituents as possible. Released in May 2023, the final portrait represents the input of thousands of Nevadans, including educators, students, and business leaders. The NDE undertook the effort in partnership with the Future of Learning Network. They began by asking a collection of 200 Nevadans to “envision the future of learning and identify portrait mindsets and skills.” From there, the state sought feedback through surveys, pilot cohorts, and a youth fellowship program to iterate the idea and allow for shared state-wide ownership. The state took the process one step further. It published documentation of the history and development of the portrait to inform Nevadans not involved in the process and as a potential template for states and districts looking to undertake similar projects. 

The result of this multi-pronged, multi-sector, and multi-generational approach is a vision of the attributes Nevada learners “must possess to succeed both academically and in life, now and into a rapidly evolving future.”