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Case Study: NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association Promoting Digital Inclusion by Broadband Providers

NTCA—The Rural Broadband Association represents nearly 850 small broadband providers in the most rural regions of the U.S. Consistent with its long-standing commitment to increasing broadband adoption and usage, NTCA has created focused resources to support rural broadband providers’ digital inclusion efforts in their communities. These resources include a recent whitepaper and a multi-part series of online resources about the fundamentals of digital inclusion. These offer rural broadband providers with a readily implementable framework, as well as case studies of successful programs.

The association also administers the Smart Rural Community (SRC) initiative which promotes collaboration among rural broadband providers and other local leaders to deploy broadband enabled solutions and support agriculture, economic development, education, healthcare, and other vital sectors. Through resources that showcase best practices and educational resources, SRC highlights the multifaceted impacts of high-speed networks in rural spaces. More than 200 rural broadband companies have been designated as SRC Providers, partnering with their communities to increase access to high-speed broadband for learners and their families/caregivers. For example, numerous NTCA members partnered with school districts during periods of remote learning to provide discounted or free internet to many households with school-age children.