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Nassau BOCES Supports School System Privacy and Cybersecurity Efforts

The Board of Cooperative Educational Services of Nassau County (Nassau BOCES) is the largest in New York State, serving 56 school systems. Among the many resources available to members is their Data Privacy and Security Service (DPSS), which provides guidance and resources to help districts comply with federal and state student data privacy laws. The service works with districts to improve their cybersecurity posture through the application of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework, working primarily with district-appointed Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and Directors of Technology.

The DPSS mostly focuses on district compliance under New York State Education Law 2-d, a law enacted to protect the PII of students from unauthorized disclosure. The BOCES provides school systems with training and resources to help them avoid accidental data disclosures and cyberattacks, as well as consultation and assistance related to disclosures and other cyber events. Currently, 92% of Nassau BOCES members subscribe to the DPSS service and are continuously working to improve their data privacy and security posture. 

The BOCES also offers a Data Protection Officer Support Service as an additional member resource. Because the majority of district DPOs have multiple roles and responsibilities, this service provides additional support to comply with state regulations. These services help ensure the security of student data in even the smallest school systems.