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Montana Offers Artificial Intelligence Course for High School Students

To ensure all students in the state have an opportunity to face the future of work, the Montana Digital Academy (MTDA), a 14-year-old online school that offers more than 100 courses taught by Montana public school educators to students across the state began offering Artificial Intelligence in the World in Fall 2023. A semester-long introductory survey of AI concepts, tools, and building blocks, the course will give high school students a broad overview of how people use AI to make decisions and solve problems. Students will study AI’s ethical impacts, participate in hands-on AI-focused activities, and develop a grounding foundation for watching the technology as it evolves. The course will also focus on the history and future of AI and explore career fields, helping students understand how to embrace and use AI ethically to improve society. By making this course available to public school students across the state, the MTDA is helping ensure students in rural communities have opportunities to understand better the implications of emerging technologies and how to use them to support learning.