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Maine Project Benefits from Contributions at all Levels

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted and exacerbated systemic inequities and challenges related to ensuring equitable learning opportunities for all Maine learners and particularly for rural students, students with individualized education plans, and economically underserved students. To address these inequities, the Maine Department of Education (MDOE) Commissioner’s Office, through the Rethinking Responsive Education Ventures (RREV) grant, is providing professional development training and funding to support innovative remote learning solutions that have the potential to improve learner outcomes. As a result of this five-year grant, the Institute of Education Sciences Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Northeast & Islands will collaborate with MDOE and other partners, including students, to build district capacity to use research and data to improve innovations developed through the RREV grant and other sources, assess learner outcomes, and develop promising practices for sustaining and scaling up the innovations. 

REL Northeast & Islands will facilitate a training series with district innovation teams to develop and implement a process for examining the implementation fidelity of their remote learning innovations, create a fact sheet summarizing the literature on the innovation areas such as outdoor education and online learning, and produce a co-authored blog series. 

By leveraging federal resources, state-level systems, and local understanding of context and needs, this program aims to better ensure rural Maine educators are able to meet the needs of all learners in innovative ways.