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Louisiana Teachers Create State-Specific Edtech Integration Guide

When considering how best to support Louisiana educators with edtech integration, the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) found that much of the professional learning provided by outside groups was challenging to implement and integrate because it didn’t align with the state-approved curriculum. Recognizing the need for state-specific support, they assembled a geographically diverse team of teachers, coaches, leaders, and librarians across the state to develop digital learning guidance to support technology integration within the state curriculum and aligned with the state Educational Technology Plan and Digital Literacy Guidance.

The LDOE created a website with educator-created content for teachers and edtech leaders to communicate this information. Because Louisiana educators develop the content, it is relevant to the specific state context. Additional content integration materials are under development. The LDOE hosts monthly calls for edtech leaders and posts the slide decks online for reference. Department leaders recommend that states facing similar challenges budget for these kinds of projects and tap into and amplify the voices of in-state talent.