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Leveraging Math Badges for Mastery-Based Assessment

The Idaho Math Initiative, led by the State Department of Education (SDE) and funded by Idaho Statute 33-1627, seeks to promote the improvement of mathematical instruction and student achievement in the state while leveraging digital badges to mark student competency. One of four states, along with Illinois, Rhode Island, and Kentucky, Idaho worked with XQ Institute to pilot using Math Badges designed for high school mathematics to implement a mastery-based assessment system. XQ support included the creation of Math Badge assessments and funding a half-time Regional Math Specialist to serve as project lead. The project also provided funding for professional training across eight school districts and planning time for school-level teams. The SDE is also working with the Idaho Division of Career and Technical Education (CTE) to develop a system to track and store student progress and digital badges. The project will allow CTE programs to integrate course content with mathematics assessments and provide an assessment system for awarding mathematics course credit.

Students earn badges by providing evidence demonstrating mastery of the badge content and practicing expectations in a multiple measures system. The badges will align with three standard general education mathematics courses available through Idaho’s colleges and universities.