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Digital Harbor Foundation Serves as an Example of Long-Term Innovation Investment

Originally “born in Baltimore and dedicated to creating pathways to opportunity through technology,” Maryland’s Digital Harbor Foundation has expanded its efforts to a global reach since opening its Tech Center in a defunct recreation center in 2013. Dedicated to digital equity for everyone, diversity in the tech sector, innovative STEM education, and technology for the public good. Digital Harbor’s Center of Excellence works “directly with school districts, communities, classroom teachers, and out-of-school educators to scale best-in-class STEM learning opportunities to ensure all students have access to these transformative learning opportunities.” These efforts include educator professional development, community workshops, and a digital learning hub launched in 2023 “aimed at reaching over 100 educators to provide content that empowers them to build youth digital literacy.” Digital Harbor also provides fiscal support to national and international efforts such as the Ukraine Math & Science Achievement Fund. “In addition to undergraduate scholarships,” the fund provides “flexible funding that responds to students’ dynamic circumstances, as well as infrastructure gifts.” The Digital Harbor Foundation is an example of what’s possible when public-private partnerships focus on closing the digital divides.