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Tech Goes Home Chattanooga Equips Learners with Digital Skills to Improve Professional and Personal Lives

A TGH instructor is helping a participant during one of our classes taught in Spanish at La Paz Chattanooga.


While many areas of Hamilton County, TN are covered by municipal broadband, individuals in the region continue facing barriers to digital equity, particularly in acquiring digital skills. In response, Tech Goes Home Chattanooga (TGH CHA) has led the way in providing a variety of training opportuniti...

Topic: Digital Equity

Kansas District Takes Planned Approach to Digital Citizenship

Wichita Public Schools, KansasP-12

When leaders of Wichita Public Schools considered how they would build digital citizenship into the learning of every student, the 94-site district knew they needed to take a measured approach. The result was a 3-year plan that focused on middle schools the first year, elementary the second, and hig...

Topic: NETP24

Providing Multilingual Digital Literacy Support for Learners, Families, and Caregivers

Beaverton School District, OregonP-12

Located just outside of Portland, OR, the Beaverton School District serves over 40,000 students, approximately 24 percent of whom identify as Latino. When the schools first launched their 1-to-1 program in 2014, they discovered not all students had equitable access to reliable, high-speed internet a...

Topic: NETP24

Partnering with Local Government and Community Agencies with HCSEdConnect

Hamilton County Schools, TennesseeP-12

When schools transitioned to emergency remote learning in 2020, the Chattanooga, TN community recognized many students lacked the home internet access necessary to participate. To address the challenge, Hamilton County Schools (HCS), Hamilton County, the City of Chattanooga, the Enterprises Center o...

Topic: NETP24

Study Indicates Technology Can Support Reduced Juvenile Justice Recidivism

Arizona State University, ArizonaPostsecondary

When researchers from Arizona State University and the Oregon Research Institute set out to determine how to reduce recidivism in juvenile justice offenders, they began with two questions: Were youth receiving technology-enabled support services less likely to recidivate than peers who weren...

Topic: NETP24

Designing Wrap-Around Teacher Support as a New Normal

Denver Public Schools, ColoradoP-12

When Denver Public Schools (DPS) in Colorado considered the patterns of teacher  engagement in professional learning opportunities across the district, they noticed a familiar problem. Teachers attended one-off trainings on thoughtfully integrating technology within their practice and then moved on...

Topic: NETP24

Montana Offers Artificial Intelligence Course for High School Students


To ensure all students in the state have an opportunity to face the future of work, the Montana Digital Academy (MTDA), a 14-year-old online school that offers more than 100 courses taught by Montana public school educators to students across the state began offering Artificial Intelligence in the W...

Topic: NETP24

Washington, D.C. Provides Access Improving Accessibility

DC Public Schools, District of ColumbiaP-12

With the announcement of the Community Internet Program, Washington, D.C. granted ISPs “free access to the roofs of DC-owned buildings, operated by the Department of General Services, to install service antennas if they commit to providing resident connectivity with reliable, high-speed connection...

Topic: NETP24

Sparking Innovation in Response to Teacher Needs

West VirginiaPostsecondary

Sometimes, innovation requires a push. A program supporting teachers across West Virginia works to do just that. The West Virginia Public Education Collaborative (WVPEC) housed at West Virginia University “is a non-partisan collaborative of diverse state and national leaders committed to championi...

Topic: NETP24

Personalizing Student Learning Through Tacoma Online

Tacoma Public Schools, WashingtonP-12

Tacoma Online, an online school founded in 2021 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, has evolved into an integral part of Tacoma Public Schools' innovative learning landscape. Catering to over 1,200 students from K-12, it provides a personalized online learning experience and remains committed to b...

Topic: NETP24