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Arkansas Builds Partnership for Equity in Digital Professional Learning Access

Often focused on expanding student opportunities, public-private partnerships hold significant potential for educator learning as well. Tapping into this potential is the aim of ArkansasIDEAS, a partnership between Arkansas PBS and the Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education. 

In a state with a majority-rural population, ArkansasIDEAS provides access to more than 700 online professional development courses free of charge to all Arkansas licensed educators. This equity of access for educators across the state also ensures all districts are able to provide professional learning for their teachers in accordance with state law in areas such as Holocaust education, the science of reading, state history, and others. While the full catalog is available for licensed Arkansas educators, ArkansasIDEAS also provides access to a limited selection of courses for paraprofessionals, pre-licensed educators, and support staff. By including all licensed educators and allowing an on-ramp for pre-licensed teachers, ArkansasIDEAS is ensuring the state’s educators and future educators have equitable high-quality digital resources for professional learning.