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Preparing Students for the Future: Lessons from Gwinnett County’s AI Initiative

Students at Gwinnett County Public Schools engaging in AI literacy lesson.


Since artificial intelligence (AI) has become more prominent in society and the workforce, educators are now faced with questions about AI in the classroom. According to Sallie Holloway, the Director of AI and Computer Science, Gwinnett County Schools has a history of innovation towards future readi...

Topic: Artificial Intelligence

Tech Goes Home Chattanooga Equips Learners with Digital Skills to Improve Professional and Personal Lives

A TGH instructor is helping a participant during one of our classes taught in Spanish at La Paz Chattanooga.


While many areas of Hamilton County, TN are covered by municipal broadband, individuals in the region continue facing barriers to digital equity, particularly in acquiring digital skills. In response, Tech Goes Home Chattanooga (TGH CHA) has led the way in providing a variety of training opportuniti...

Topic: Digital Equity

Digital Equity Champions for All Learners: Lytle High School P-Tech Program Builds Career-Ready Digital Skills

Lytle High School P-Tech Program students

Lytle Independent School District, TexasP-12

In the heart of South Texas, Lytle High School in Lytle Independent School District is championing digital equity to bridge economic, educational, and access divides through its Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH). The program, which began in the 2018-2019 school year, offers o...

Topic: Digital Equity

Puerto Rico Focuses on STEM Learning for All

Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust, Puerto RicoP-12

Founded in 2004, Puerto Rico’s Science, Technology, and Research Trust is on a mission to “to continually advance Puerto Rico’s economy and its citizens' well-being” through its three main pillars of research & development, entrepreneurship, and public health. The Trust also recognizes ...

Topic: NETP24

Starting Small to Make a Difference in Mississippi

Pascagoula-Gautier School District, MississippiP-12

Engaging students in active use doesn’t require an elaborate technological ecosystem. Pascagoula High School (PHS) is a suburban, Title 1 school on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi with a student population of around 1,120, about 70% Black or Hispanic. Educator Jami Sheets teaches a leadership class ...

Topic: NETP24

Utah Funds Student Data Privacy Office to Support School Systems

Utah State Board of Education , UtahP-12

Like many states, Utah has recently updated its student data privacy laws. In 2015, Utah passed HB 68, which required the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) to make recommendations for updating existing privacy laws – and, critically, to develop a funding proposal to implement data privacy chang...

Topic: NETP24

Creating a Culture of Student Data Privacy Takes Time

Rocky River School District, OhioP-12

Not long after hiring a new Executive Director of Educational Services, Rocky River School District in Ohio recognized the need to create a system-wide culture focused on protecting student data privacy. Although the school board had recently reconfirmed its Student Privacy Policy, implementation wa...

Topic: NETP24

Southwestern Pennsylvania Engaged in Decade-long Dedication to Digital Health, Safety, and Citizenship

Allegheny County Intermediate Unit 3, PennsylvaniaP-12

Allegheny County Intermediate Unit 3 supports the work and implementation of digital citizenship across 42 districts in Southwest Pennsylvania. With generous support from the Grable Foundation and in partnership with Common Sense Media, Unit 3 has worked with districts and other organizations in Gre...

Topic: NETP24

Building Media Literacy into State Standards

Delaware Department of Education, DelawareP-12

Media literacy is a key component of both active use and digital citizenship, and states like Delaware are taking steps to ensure all students are engaged, analytical, informed media consumers. The state passed S.B. 195 in 2022, requiring the inclusion of media literacy standards for K-12 classrooms...

Topic: NETP24

Incorporating Hawaiian Values and Digital Citizenship into Computer Science Education

Hawaii Department of Education, HawaiiP-12

Hawai’i is a culturally unique state. To help ensure their educational system and content are culturally relevant and connected to Hawaiian values, the Hawai’i Department of Education (HI DOE) developed the Ha Framework, a state-wide framework to develop the skills, behaviors, and dispositions r...

Topic: NETP24