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Educational Technology Rapid Cycle Evaluations

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With more classrooms connected to high-speed Wi-Fi, it is imperative to create an evidence-based process to determine the effectiveness of technology apps used in the classroom.

Why RCE?

Rapid-Cycle tech evaluations are designed to assist school leaders in making evidence-based decisions regarding ed tech acquisitions. Traditional research approaches do not meet the needs of evaluating rapidly changing education technology. They 1) take too long, 2) cost too much 3) cannot keep up with speed of development, 4) are not iterative, and 5) serve a different purpose than most school leaders need. By the time a traditional research project is complete, new iterations of the app can make the research outdated before it is even published.

Designing New Tools for Evidence-Based Evaluation

The beta version of the Coach is now available for district and school leaders who already use an ed tech solution and want to determine the effectiveness of the tool. The Coach, embedded with professional development tools, walks educators through how to craft a research question, set up data, create a match comparison group and analyze the results. We’re excited to help districts and schools collect much-needed evidence to use technology more effectively to improve teaching and learning.

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