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Step 4: Implement Professional Learning

Evaluate online tools for professional learning

Online Professional Learning Quality Checklist

This checklist helps district leaders identify effective online learning options to recommend for their educators.

The primary purpose of this quality checklist is to help busy district leaders—central office staff, building administrators, and teacher-leaders—identify effective online learning options to recommend for their educators. The checklist provides an efficient way to evaluate discrete activities based on their content, characteristics, and format. When completed, the checklist shows decision makers at a glance which online activities will likely help educators further their district’s student learning and improvement goals and which ones are of high enough quality to count as part of the formal learning options considered for professional learning credit. It will also guide district leaders in selecting ongoing learning options in which to invest time and staff resources.

Secondarily, this quality checklist could be used by individual educators to select learning experiences in which to participate or by those who are creating or developing online learning experiences as a way of assuring that best practice is adhered to at the design level.

Implement district professional learning plan

Once your refined district professional learning plan has been assessed using the Professional Learning Strategies Self-Assessment Tool and you’ve explored options for online professional learning, it is time to implement your district professional learning plan. Consider the types of evidence to collect in order to measure the actual value the professional learning activities are creating for educators and students.