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Step 1: Determine District Readiness

Establish a district leadership team

Establish a leadership team that will collaborate with you in making decisions to:

  • Promote and integrate connected learning system wide
  • Connect with other networks and online communities of practice beyond the district
  • Deepen collaboration, innovation, and professional learning
  • Share responsibility for sustained improvement

A leadership team that engages a range of education stakeholders and distributes leadership among members will be most helpful. Team members should include the superintendent or designee; central office staff; school administrators; teacher leaders; and, where appropriate, community members, parents, and/or students.

Collect existing district plans

Collect existing district plans (e.g., continuous improvement plans; professional development plans; technology plans; strategic leadership plans; teacher evaluation process; and any other plans, processes, and programs that involve substantive professional learning in order to meet district goals), and review them to ensure that they reflect current high-priority needs. Identify alignment of plans.

Assess district capacity for professional learning

Professional Learning Readiness
Self-Assessment Tool

This tool helps districts assess their capacity for effective, comprehensive professional learning.

The Professional Learning Readiness Self-Assessment Tool helps districts assess their capacity for effective, comprehensive professional learning. The experience of self-assessing your district’s readiness for effective, comprehensive professional learning by discussing how a condition is currently seen or experienced; areas of strength and need; and, where appropriate, how your district can move toward full implementation is one of the first steps in changing and improving professional learning. It is also professional learning in and of itself—an experience that builds common understanding, ownership, and coherence.

It is recommended that this tool be used by a district team responsible for professional learning and/or continuous improvement planning.