Personalized Professional Learning

Personalized Professional Learning addresses ongoing, job-embedded, and relevant professional learning designed and led by teachers with support from other experts to assist other teachers, administrators, and support personnel in making the digital transition. It includes seven dimensions, which are described below.

Robust Infrastructure

Robust Infrastructure covers equitable access to next-generation bandwidth, wireless networks, hardware, and devices, managed by support personnel for reliable use-both inside and outside of school. It includes six dimensions, which are described below.

Personalized Student Learning

Personalized Student Learning describes personalized pathways for student learning through active and collaborative learning activities, which are aligned with standards, chosen through ongoing assessment of students’ progress and preferences, and supported by the use and creation of rich content and robust tools. It includes six dimensions, which are described below.

Collaborative Leadership

Collaborative Leadership is characterized by a commitment to demonstrating strong leadership aptitude, developing the vision, securing the ongoing funding, building a districtwide leadership team, and garnering broad-based support to ensure a successful digital learning transition for students and teachers. It includes eight dimensions, which are described below.