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#GoOpen Districts

Openly licensed educational resources support teachers as creative professionals by giving them the ability to adapt and customize learning materials to meet the needs of their students without breaking copyright laws.
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The U.S. Department of Education’s #GoOpen campaign encourages states, school districts and educators to use openly licensed educational materials to transform teaching and learning.

District and state leaders are working alongside innovators from education technology companies and nonprofit organizations to share effective strategies and ideas, create new tools and provide professional learning opportunities that help educators find, adapt, create, and share resources. Read our #GoOpen Exchange press release and our Open Education Symposium fact sheet for more on these commitments.

Why #GoOpen?

Openly licensed educational resources have enormous potential to increase access to high-quality education opportunities in the United States. Switching to openly licensed educational materials has enabled school districts to repurpose funding typically spent on static textbooks for other pressing needs, such as investing in the transition to digital learning. Visit our Open Education page to learn how resources that are openly licensed can benefit schools.

What it means to #GoOpen

School districts that #GoOpen are committing to transition to using high-quality, openly licensed educational resources in their schools. These districts will be supported by #GoOpen Ambassador districts who have already taken steps toward implementing the use of openly licensed materials at the district-level.

#GoOpen Launch Districts will:

  • Identify a district #GoOpen team who will work to develop a strategy for the implementation of openly-licensed educational materials.
  • Commit to replace at least one textbook with openly-licensed educational materials in the next year.
  • Document and share their implementation process.

#GoOpen Ambassador Districts will:

  • Mentor #GoOpen Launch Districts as they design and implement their strategy for transitioning to openly licensed educational resources.
  • Share the openly licensed materials they’ve created.

If you are interested in becoming a #GoOpen Launch or Ambassador District, please email

Developing a #GoOpen strategy

Below are some guiding questions for district teams to consider when planning their #GoOpen strategy.

  • Who will be a part of your district team? Possible stakeholders include: District Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum Directors, Special Education Directors or team chairs, Technology Director, Instructional Technology Specialist, School Librarian, Parents, School Board Member, Students, or State Leaders.
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of team members?
  • How often will this team to meet?
  • What professional learning opportunities can be made available for this team?
  • What are your goals and expectations for student learning?
  • What instructional materials would benefit from being replaced by openly licensed educational resources?
  • What grade-level and content area will be targeted for the transition to openly licensed resources?
  • Conduct a scan of existing openly licensed educational resources to determine what percent of content can be curated or adapted from existing resources and what percent will need to be created in-house.
  • Which teachers will be engaged as content curators, reviewers, and creators?
  • What professional learning opportunities can be made available to these teachers?
  • How will the district compensate teachers for the creation of curriculum?
  • Will the district create new course content or adapt and curate existing openly licensed resources?
  • How will the quality of the content be assessed to ensure it meets or exceeds district and state standards?
  • What is the timeline for developing, adapting, and curating new course content?
  • Where are teachers organizing the resources they are curating and creating?
  • How will the district organize and distribute educational resources to students?
  • How often will course content be reviewed and updated? What is the process for doing so?
  • What connectivity, if any, do students have outside of school for accessing resources?
  • How much bandwidth do you have coming into the building?
  • Do you have enough access points throughout the building?
  • What devices are you using and how are they being managed (MDM)?
  • What is the process and timeline for approving new instructional materials?
  • What is the timeline for aligning and curriculum mapping new resources?

Stories from the Field

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#GoOpen District Stories

Launch and Ambassador Districts using openly-licensed educational resources in their schools share strategies and advice for districts working to #GoOpen. By amplifying great stories and sharing good practices, we hope to connect districts, schools, and educators so they can learn from each other’s experiences.

Want to share your #GoOpen story? Send us a message at!

#GoOpen Launch Districts

  • Coronado Unified School District, CA
  • Grossmont Union High School District, CA
  • Fallbrook Union Elementary School District, CA
  • Mountain Empire Unified School District, CA
  • San Diego Unified School District, CA
  • Vista Unified School District, CA
  • District of Columbia Public Schools, DC
  • Colonial Public Schools, DE
  • Department of Defense Education Activity, GA
  • Macomb Community Unit School District #185, IL
  • Lawrence Public Schools, KS
  • Burlington Public Schools, MA
  • Howard County Public Schools, MD
  • Robbinsdale Area Schools, MN
  • Affton School District, MO
  • Hancock Place School District, MO
  • Lee’s Summit R-VII School District, MO
  • Liberty Public Schools, MO
  • Parkway School District, MO
  • Pattonville School District, MO
  • Ritenour School District, MO
  • St. Clair R-13 School District, MO
  • Mooresville Graded School District, NC
  • School District of Middletown, NY
  • Mentor School District, OH
  • Beaverton School District, OR
  • Garnet Valley Area School District, PA
  • Downingtown Area School District, PA
  • Kettle Moraine School District, WI
  • Sun Prairie Area School District, WI

#GoOpen Ambassador Districts

  • Williamsfield Community School District, IL
  • Columbus Municipal School District, MS
  • North Kansas City School District, MO
  • Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School, NY
  • Upper Perkiomen School District, PA
  • Bristol Tennessee Schools, TN
  • Tullahoma City Schools, TN
  • Chesterfield County Public Schools, VA
  • Bethel School District, WA