For District and State Leaders

District and state leaders have the ability to make an exponential impact on learning in their local or state educational agencies.  The following resources are available to support leaders in using technology to transform learning.

Funding for Technology
Formula grants (ESEA Title I, II, III, IDEA, etc.) can be used to fund the transition to digital learning. Additional information available in this Federal Funds Dear Colleague letter and on our funding site.  There are also a number of private sector commitments available to schools through the ConnectED Initiative.  More information is available on the White House ConnectED Initiative website.

Finding Digital Learning Resources
The Federal Registry for Educational Excellence (powered by the Learning Registry) makes it easier to find digital teaching and learning resources created by government agencies and public and private organizations. 

Participating in Online Discussions
Technology provides a powerful tool for collaborating and sharing best practices.  The following page is a directory of suggested educator chats on Twitter.

Technical Working Group
On May 28th, 2014, the U.S. Department of Education welcomed district superintendents and leadership from around the country to a Technical Working Group. This first of its kind event was crucial to the department’s efforts to increase the community of ConnectED educators around the country and engage with leaders on how to better transition districts to digital learning. Additionally, feedback from the Technical Working Group participants helped shape the agenda for the upcoming Superintendent Summit this fall.

Future Ready Superintendent Summit
In the Fall of 2014, senior leadership at the US Department of Education will welcome some of the nation’s superintendents to Washington, DC. Selected superintendents will be honored for their leadership in helping transition their districts to digital learning. This first-ever Superintendent Summit will provide opportunities for leaders to share lessons learned with each other and with ED to help disseminate promising approaches across the nation.